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suno ala suno

A lo-fi RAV Vast track

Steel tongue drum and unquantized beats → complete (May 2021)

This track appeared out of nowhere in a sudden burst of inspiration that spans over a little less than a week.

Here's what I wrote about it on Bandcamp:

Here comes an unexpected track, made in an unexpected way, with unexpected results.

It was recorded on a sunny day, yet it's a bit dark. Or maybe the opposite. You will decide.

This wasn't supposed to exist. The quick and dirty RAV Vast recording was meant to be raw material for heavy slicing and processing. It's only a sequence of clumsy patterns with little in common except the tempo and the instrument.

Yet I found beauty in its many imperfections. I couldn't remove anything. So I added instead of removing. I embraced the accidents (even the cats fighting nearly) and I layered broken beats on top of broken tunes. The result is indeed broken, but like every ruin, it has a story to tell.

I'm quite happy with it. I could have spent weeks or months trying to make several finely crafted tracks out of this material (and maybe I will.) Instead, I just went with the flow. It's probably too long, too repetitive, too destructured, but it's definitely not too human.

I've always been drawn towards randomness and accidents in my work, most often through the use of elaborate rules. Algorithms, digital or not. But here, I set myself no rule except keeping the original recording intact. I wanted to play the RAV Vast, I wanted to make some beats. They collided, and created a beautiful mess, at least by my standards.

This is experimental for two reasons. While the idea was indeed to make some groovy beats, they weren't layered for some optimal head banging. I followed the chaotic rhythm of the RAV Vast session. And I used loads of effects to enhance that chaotic vibe.

Beats are unquantized. There is no "snap to grid". And I like this approach a lot. It may be what I've been lacking to truly understand what music is about during all these years. At the moment, it clearly feels like a promising direction to explore thoroughly in the future.

Listen to it on Bandcamp.