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ma kasi insa

A Toki Pona voxel game

The spontanous low-res forest walk → on hold (March 2021)

Ma Kasi Insa is an experimental game that spontaneously came into existence, with no planning of any kind, in the evening of Friday 5th, March 2021.

After a couple of hours, it appeared that the game was aiming at a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, with cute creatures wandering a forest and occasionaly speaking in Toki Pona. The underlying themes seemed to deal with empathy, solitude and solace, with a positive and surreal vibe.

However, soon the idea emerged that there should be no idea. What the game is actually about will discovered in parallel with its creation, as the forest only growths when it is explored. The only design rule I gave myself is that the game has to be cute, and making it must be fun.

While made with RPG in a Box, the game definitely appears to be a spiritual successor to my old Twine game (do not) forget, if not a sequel. So the cuteness may hide darker thoughts. I don't know.

You can follow the development on this Mastodon thread.