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A text-based habit tracker

Make slacking off pretty → abandoned (June 2021)

Lineaments comes from my need to better organize my ever-growing, nerver-ending projects. The goal is to reach focus and stability through the identification and leverage of patterns in my creative habits.

While I initially considered to develop a stand-alone tool, I decided to follow the wise advice of Devine Lu Linvega: to start with logging my creative habits in a simple text file. Which led me to realize that I only needed a parser to help me visulalize my data.

This is quite similar to Shards, but with a few major differences.

The format is designed for my own needs, and not something I adapted clumsily from someone else's code. It's not meant to log everything, nor to do some precise time tracking, but to highlight habits and cycles. And it outputs static HTML files I can easily modify, possibly to integrate them with Now.

I thought resuming a more detailed tracking of my activites would help to organize them, but in the end I don't think it will matter that much. I'm fine with the lazy weekly journaling I've started with this website.