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A Toki Pona emoji set

Too many glyphs in the selector → complete (July 2021)

Soon after the release of the Toki Pona Dictionary, Sonja Lang, its author and creator of the language, became a member of the Merveilles instance, which is, to say the least, quite awesome.

Devine suggested some sitelen sitelen glyphs could be a nice addition. These glyphs are beautiful, but sitelen sitelen being a non-linear writing system, they would have had little use beside their aesthetic value. So I thought making some sitelen pona glyphs instead would make more sense, since we could use them for actual Toki Pona conversations.

This is how I grabbed the excellent sitelen sike font and started to convert glyphs into Merveilles-styled emojis. I used the teal heart emoji for the color, and did numerous tiny tweaks to improve readbility at small size.

For now, glyphs include pu words, ku suli words, and ku suli ala words with an index of 2.

PNG and SVG files are available on Sourcehut. I've also added a ZIP archive here for convenience.