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An emotional roguelike

Uncanny voxels & feelings → on hold (April 2020)

Auspex is the continuation of Oracles, my entry for the Merveilles 2020 Hyperjam. It's an experimental roguelike set in a cryptic and symbolic world, where the main character navigates a self-assembling maze and confronts embodied emotions with the goal of catching a glimpse of the future.

The game uses cards-based mechanics involving elements with symetric strength and weakness, in the spirit of rock-paper-scissors. Since some tiles can alter the characters' cards, and opponents can be pushed around, the gameplay revolves around planning every move and picking combats carefully while making the best of ever-changing situations.

It was meant as a kind of inner journey, with a techno-shamanic vibe. Half a year later, I realized what it was actually about: the struggle for understanding emotions when you're within the autism spectrum.

Auspex is developped with RPG in a Box.