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toki pona // musi lipu

A small Toki Pona forum

Powered by Flarum → ongoing (July 2020)

When I decided to learn Toki Pona, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a place for the Merveilles folks interested in the language, since Mastodon is nice for chatting but not really suited for practicing.

Most Toki Pona communities rely on big social networks and proprietary software. I wanted a cosier, more personal space, free from the big tech noise.

"musi lipu" is the translation for "Merveilles" my fellow tokiponists came up with, meaning something along the lines of "creativity document", where the concept of document also embodies websites.

The forum runs Flarum, and is open to anyone eager to learn or chat. There's not a lot of activity, but I post new resources regularly. I also use it as a public Toki Pona notebook for my own works and progress.

Feel free to join us here!