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A Toki Pona dictionary

Lightweight HTML & CSS only tool → ongoing (September 2020)

Pimeja is a Toki Pona dictionary. You can use it online directly here, and the code is available on sourcehut.

It currently supports English and French definitions taken from the official Toki Pona book by Sonja Lang, along with a few unofficial or removed words. It includes sitelen pona and sitelen sitelen glyphs, and a simple way to hide or show word names, glyphs and definitions. Initially made with Twine, it now uses pure HTML and CSS for a clutter-less and faster experience.

The primary goal is to offer a convenient way to access the vocabulary anywhere, online and offline, on desktop and on mobile. It's still a work in progress, so everything isn't bundled into a single HTML file yet, but the idea is to provide a lightweight digital Toki Pona tool that can be easily accessed and shared on most devices by anyone interested in the language.