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My entry for Micro Fiction Games Jam 2020 → complete (October 2020)

The Micro Fiction Games Jam was a tiny event meant to create tiny games that could fit in a single tweet, hosted by James Chip.

Below is what I submitted, for the theme Fauna, Flora and Environment. This is one of the oldest game I ever designed, as I remember playing it in high school with friends. It still took me a few hours to write down these rules.

Draw the arena on ⌗ paper.

┃ are obstacles. △ let you jump above the next point. ◯ teleport you to other ◯

Choose a color and a starting point. On your turn, add 3 segments to the end of your own ┃

Lose if you run into a ┃ (including yours) Win if you're the last.

Check it on Micro Fiction Games Jam.