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Novembeat 2021

One track every day for 30 days

Daily experimental techno → complete (November 2021)

Right after the Toki Pona drawings project I made in October, I decided to carry on with #Novembeat as a an excuse to learn the ropes of my brand new Analog Rytm.

All tracks were made with the Rytm. They are gathered in this Mastodon thread and use the hashtag #theLoop, as a kind of sequel to #theDaily.

I didn't use the #Novembeat prompts. Instead, I composed every track after the drawings I made the month before, following the same chronological order.

So far I have no plan to turn the result into an album, at last not with the current raw output. My plan was to rework the tracks I liked the most, and I certainly will, but since I've added an Analog Four to my setup shortly after, they might become rather different.

The idea is still to compose the soundtrack for my game Phalanstery, but it will will probably be a bit more synthwave-oriented, since I now have a proper synth to experiment with.