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A cover of Kiasmos' debut album

It probably sounds awful → starting (February 2022)

I've been listening to Kiasmos since I've learned of their existence, maybe 10 years ago. I recently rediscovered their self-titled debut album, and I can't stop listening to it. I loved it back then. Years have passed, and I find it more beautiful than ever. For me, beyond music, it has become an emotional experience, a part of myself.

It has nothing to do with nostalgia, as I don't have any particular memory linked this album, except the ones I'm forming now. It's about the present, and imagining the future. On a personal level, the last two years have been rather rough for me, and Kiasmos' music gives me something that feels like the sun in winter, distant, yet still bright, and inviting. Hope, maybe. The joy of starting a journey for the sake of the journey itself.

I've been struggling with my various creative projects. I know I'm bad at getting organized by myself. Most works I've successfully completed followed some kind of predefined structure, a set of rules I could rely upon. This is where the idea of remaking this album with my own means comes from. I want use it as a map for my musical journey, see where it will lead me.

I'm naming tracks in Toki Pona.

  1. suno (Lit)
  2. jo (Held)
  3. sike (Looped)
  4. lawa (Swayed)
  5. pana (Thrown)
  6. tawa (Dragged)
  7. seli (Burnt)

This page with be updated following the project's progress, with links to individual pages for each of the tracks.