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A mostly ambient album

You tell me what it is → complete (June 2022)

One year after my previous release, which was kind of accidental, I ended up doing the same thing: suddenly, music. I didn't expect to make a full album, especially not in a couple of weeks, but here it is.

It started with the Fedivision. I initially wanted to submit a RAV Vast track recorded in one take, but I couldn't make something I was happy with. A few dozens of failed recordings later, I felt frustrated.

After one year, I'm a way better steel tongue drum player, but I'm still unable to compose something I could call a song. Maybe next year...

I brooded over it. Then I felt the urge to make something fun, immersive, without the hassle of fitting into a specific genre or aesthetics. So I got a SOMA Cosmos and recorded a few wild echoing experiments. And I took all my samples and mangled them to death with loads of additional effects.

The result is mostly ambient. I have honestly no idea how to define what I produced. Is it acoustic or electronic? Is it live or programmed? Did it appear spontanously, or is it the product of a year of failed experiments? I don't know.

While it sounds different from suno ala suno, the process didn't change. It was fast, organic, emotional, without any clear direction. I flattened bits of chaos and patched them together. And it was satisfying.

Listen to it on Bandcamp.