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G̸e̷s̷t̴e̷s̷ ̸̷d̶'̴a̴u̴t̷o̸m̵̖̊̏ṅ̴̠͍͌͑̾e̵͇̫͖͆̒̈͜͠

Live steel tongue drum

Daily short pieces for Novembeat → complete (December 2019)

After Inktober 2019, I felt compelled to carry on at the same pace, so I decided to participate to Novembeat. I experimented with short live steel tongue drum sessions every day.

Everything was played on a Rammerdrum 9" harmonic disc, and recorded with a Zynthian, with various effects using the MOD layer. Track titles come from translating the Novembeat prompts to French, then looking for search engine suggestions, then encoding them several times with unusual Unicode symbols.

Narcanthe is a moniker I want to keep using in the future, dedicated to live experiments, especially with steel tongue drums. The name combines Greek roots to form a French sounding word that means "flower of sleep".

Listen to it on Bandcamp.