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Under This Forlorn Tree

An undying project

Post-cyberpunk existential horror → on hold (August 2019)

This is the latest iteration of a decades-old project I started in my teenage years as a tabletop RPG. Countless attempts were made through the years to give shape to this universe, through music, games and stories. This time, it was a roguelike with adventure components, made with RPG in a Box.

A bit of information about its current state can be found here. As I've finally understood its true nature, it will evolve again into something else, hopefully for the last time. Auspex could be seen as some kind of prototype of what the gameplay of Under This Forlorn Tree could have been.

However, while some elements will remain, the next iteration will feature a heavy focus on community building, and stand somewhere between a visual novel, a roguelike, and a game like Stardew Valley.