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Fractal goals

A method for doing things

Something I keep forgetting about :: 2021-04-07

A while ago, when I was still using Shards, I had the idea of setting myself different goals for different time periods:

And it worked. If I missed a daily goal, I could adjust the next one, or change the weekly goal. If I missed a weekly goal, I could do the same for the monthly goal. I knew what I was doing, and why I was doing it.

This concept can be expanded to a yearly goal, or any kind of time period that suits you. Pomodoro goals could also fit inside a daily goal, and so on.

While it is indeed suppposed to help getting things done, in my experience, setting the goals might be even more important than reaching them. This is the kind of ritual made of cycles inside cycles that gives you a vision, a purpose, and a time for reflection. And these are things that may be easily lost during creative endeavours.

I'm calling this "the fractal goals method" because I like fractals and the name seems to fit well.

It probably comes from something I've read somewhere long ago. I forgot about it, then it resurfaced, and I made it my own. I wouldn't be surprised if it existed in a more detailed version, with a better name. There might even be books about it.