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A one-handed muscle building tool

Dumb, but equally heavy :: 2021-07-26

Dumbbells are lifting weights meant to be used with one hand, most often in pair. They are composed of two equal weights, generally of circular shape, linked by a central handle. The bigger and heavier version, designed for two-hand use, is called the barbell.

They are either fixed-weight, which is simple but not always efficent for home gyms, or adjustable, with various mechanisms allowing a to change the weight.

Similarly to the kettlebell, their history seems to go back as far as Antiquity and beyond, with different cultures using different shapes for a variety of strength training purposes.

Dumbbells are especially useful to develop upper body strength and muscles. This generally involves periods of bulking and cutting.

I started with a pair of 10 kg adjustable dumbbells. Handles weight 2 kg, and come with two discs of 2 kg and four discs of 1 kg. When I became more serious about lifting, I switched to a pair of Powerblocks.